Friday 30 July 2021
 Terms and Conditions of the Department of Anatomy

1- Be present in the dissection hall at the appointed time according to the group schedule.

2- Respect for the corpse is mandatory.

3- Avoid any jokes while working with the corpse.

4- It is mandatory to use a cape in practical classes (dissection room-histology laboratory).

5 - When working with the body, if possible, use a mask and gloves.

6- Avoid unnecessarily touching bodies that are not related to the lesson.

7- If a piece of the corpse is removed, place it in a special container under the dissection table.

8- It is forbidden to take any photos, videos or enter the dissection room without coordination with the group.

9- It is forbidden to practice in the modeling salon outside of class hours, without coordination with the group expert.

10- It is forbidden to take the models out of the modeling salon, and if they are seen, they will definitely be dealt with.

9- The presence of all graduate students in the group from 8 to 16 is mandatory.

11- In order to explain the principles of the corpse, atlas and surgery books should be used.

12- In order to maintain the body tissue, after the end of the class, the use of glycerin-formalin combination and complete covering of the body must be observed.

13- At the end of the class, place the used surgical instrument in a special container after cleaning and avoid leaving the instrument on a separate corpse bed.

14- It is forbidden to remove histological slides from the laboratory.

15- It is necessary to turn off the microscope after the end of the class.